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About our walks programme


Our walks' programme is published three times each year: March - June, July - October and November – February. It’s available by email (preferably to save cost) or by post to KCW members and associate members. We aim to give full and accurate details of our walks so that members can choose walks to their liking and within their capabilities. Note that the published programme will usually have some walks not shown on the website. We have a programme for almost every Saturday and some Sundays, some weekday walks and a weekend away most years. Weekends have been Isle of Wight, Richmond (Yorkshire), Stratford on Avon and Gloucester.


We walk almost anywhere in South East England that is accessible by public transport. In summer most walks are in the country within one hour's train journey. Routes avoid roads as far as possible, using footpaths and bridleways. In winter more walks are in or near London, some with a cultural interest.

How long?

Walks vary in length, from 4 to 14 miles, but the majority are 7 to 10 miles.

How fast?

Ramblers categories are about overall difficulty of the walk and not specifically pace. We have four categories of walk which, with approximate speed over flat ground, are:slow (less than 2.0 mph); moderate/ leisurely (2.0-2.5 mph); brisk (2.5-3.0 mph); and fast (over 3.0 mph). Leaders may choose the pace to suit the time available for the distance to be walked.


Walks are described as flat, undulating or hilly. Mud should be expected except in urban areas. Walking boots are advisable in the country.

Travel to and from the walk

Almost all walks start and end at a railway or Underground station, most on a direct line from a London terminus. Occasionally a bus is used at the start or end. Although a car can be used to reach the start of a circular walk, the majority of members use the designated train.

Meeting for a walk

The official meeting point is the railway or Underground station where the walk starts, but usually walkers meet up at the London terminus or on the train.

Changed arrangements

Inevitably changes to walk arrangements sometimes have to be made because of transport or other difficulties. Changes will be posted on the website and emailed to KCW members and associates who are on the "alert list". Contact the programme coordinator for inclusion on the list.

Refreshments on walks

At least half our walks stop at a pub for lunch, for about one hour. If this is not possible we have a picnic, or cafe lunch if available. Short breaks for drinks are taken at other times. It is essential to carry adequate liquids.

Walk leaders

All walk leaders are volunteers, who have given their time to survey the walk as well as lead it on the day. Each leader chooses his/her own walk, and usually surveys it with another Group member. We are always pleased to hear from people who might lead. If you would like to find out what it involves talk to any leader or the Programme Co-ordinator.

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